Zoom Gathering: BYM Antiracist Declaration Explored

Anti-racist Declaration Explored In 2017, Baltimore Yearly Meeting adopted a Declaration stating that we are an Anti-racist community. The Growing Diverse Leadership Committee invites Friends to join us for a conversation to more deeply understand the Declaration and how best to use it as we worship and work together.


Monday April 5th, 2021, 7pm-8pm

Wednesday April 7th, 11am-12pm

Saturday April 10th, 3pm-4pm

Sign up below to select one of the three dates. Each conversation will be the same; please only sign up for one. Links to signups: April 5th: https://www.bym-rsf.org/events/ymevents/ymeventscal.html/event/2021/04/05/anti-racism-declaration-conversation/329087 April 7th: https://www.bym-rsf.org/events/ymevents/ymeventscal.html/event/2021/04/07/anti-racism-declaration-conversation/329088 April 10th: https://www.bym-rsf.org/events/ymevents/ymeventscal.html/event/2021/04/10/anti-racism-declaration-conversation/32908