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Actions to Take Right Now

What can I do right now?

I was excited to see so many folks in the group taking the YWCA's 21-day Racial Equity and Social Justice challenge. Thanks to Steve for letting us know about it.

My two actions to do right now are (1) making calls to legislators and (2) donating to our Race Against Racism team. I highly recommend the app "5calls." It lets me know what national legislation is taking shape around issues important to me, along with an easy way to leave messages for Rep. Smucker (my US House Rep) and our two US senators.

If you're looking to keep up on what's happening at the state level, I highly recommend WITF's Toward Racial Justice series. These conversations center on Pennsylvania, and are about environmental justice, building equity in our healthcare system, young people and the justice system, increasing voting access to Black folks and other people of color...and much more. Most of the participants live here in PA and are advocating for folks in south central Pennsylvania. Here's that website:

What else can we do right now? If you read the Sunday paper, you may have noticed that Pat Long wrote a fantastic letter to the editor advocating for the $15 minimum wage, published on March 7. It never hurts to get progressive, social justice-minded content out there in the media.

What are you doing right now? Share it with the group by commenting below (sign-in required) - it certainly inspires me and keeps me accountable!

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the website for 5calls is || I’m glad the 5calls app is working for folks. I’m still looking for something similar that deals with state and local legislators. Any thoughts about that would be appreciated.

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