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Tunes for the Resistance

Here are just a few to jump start your day!

  • Chris Pierce's new album American Silence is pretty amazing. Rolling Stone praised the title track, saying that Pierce “channels Richie Havens and Bob Dylan... It’s the sound of everyone who’s hungry for change, steadying themselves and marching toward a common goal.” Here's a link to listen to the title track:

  • Janelle Monae's Turntables was a powerful anthem for 2020. It was featured in a Netflix documentary released last year focusing on Stacey Abrams' work for voter enfranchisement. Here it is (it's PG-13, fyi):

  • NPR music critic Ann Powers says this about Arlissa's The House We Live In: "(It) considers the way racism becomes internalized, and calls for an end to the weaponizing of speech. "I'm calling off this war inside me," Arlissa sings over a restorative piano line. "The words that we speak out loud become the house we live in." You can listen to it here:

What words do we speak out loud that become the house we live in?


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