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Ways to Act with Intention

  • YWCA 21-day Racial Justice Challenge

  • YWCA Race Against Racism

  • Calling legislators to voice support for antiracist legislation

  • Calling local legislators to voice support for antiracist legislation (Carol Hill-Evans)

  • Supporting BIPOC-owned businesses

  • Encouraging colleagues and students to attend seminars that seek to increase diversity and cultural competencies

  • Advocating for more diverse representation on professional advocacy committees

  • Becoming involved in Bryan Stevenson's Equal Justice Initiative

  • Joining the local chapter of the NAACP

  • Joining the York Black Ministers Association

  • Having thoughtful conversations with BIPOC friends

  • Specifically inviting BIPOC to gatherings, but maintaining a thoughtful consideration that inclusion doesn't become tokenism

  • Creating and posting signs that encourage inclusion and kindness

  • Asking YFM to adopt BYM's Declaration of Antiracism


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