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What is white supremacy culture?

Two sources that go more in depth about what I was talking about at Saturday's virtual gathering.

1. Click here to see an article on white supremacy culture on the Dismantling Racism website.

2. And here's a specific list of how white supremacy culture appears in organizations -->

The second link is a "list of characteristics of white supremacy culture that show up in our organizations. Culture is powerful precisely because it is so present and at the same time so very difficult to name or identify. The characteristics listed are damaging because they are used as norms and standards without being proactively named or chosen by the group. They are damaging because they promote white supremacy thinking. Because we all live in a white supremacy culture, these characteristics show up in the attitudes and behaviors of all of us – people of color and white people. Therefore, these attitudes and behaviors can show up in any group or organization, whether it is white-led or predominantly white or people of color-led or predominantly people of color." (quoted text from the website)


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