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Discussion Guide No. 3

Here's the discussion guide from our gathering on Saturday, March 27, 2020. The text from Kazu Haga's book is not included.

YFM Spring 2021 Antiracism Discussion & Action Group

Session No.3: Strategies of the H.E.A.R.T. ~ Act with Intention

READ from Say the Wrong Thing: Act with Intention

Here are some quotes from the reading:

  • “Ricardo (Levin Morales) spoke of trauma, at its essence, as a loss of power; someone or something taking away your ability to protect or act. Having experienced this loss, we instinctively self-medicate. We do something to remove ourselves from the shame, pain, etc. The medicine we take may strengthen or poison us”

  • “The threat (of “state violence, lynch mobs, and individuals such as George Zimmerman”) is always there. As a group we tend to experience police killing of black men and women, boys and girls as a stripping of our power. We experience today’s Confederate flag as a reminder of our severe loss of power as humans under slavery. We are frequently retraumatized on social media. Not surprisingly, we collectively and individually take medicine to numb the pain and/or to restore our power.”

  • “Instead of internalizing the shame, people (in the Black Lives Matter movement) left their individual homes and took to communal spaces such as streets, courthouses, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, etc. to say no more shame on us, it’s shame on you.”

  • “Art creates space where we can experience our Oneness despite the systemic oppression that separates and dehumanizes us. I am being used to get to the heart of the matter.”

REFLECT on Dr. Kemp’s Strategies of the H.E.A.R.T.

H: Hold space for transformation. Practice unconditional acceptance of what is and who is.

E: Express yourself. Share from the heart.

A: Act with intention. Take action even if it is imperfect.

R: Reflect on yourself. Cultivate self-awareness.

T: Trust the process. Let yourself and others be uncomfortable. Be gentle with yourself as you grow.

LISTEN (if you haven’t already) to some “Tunes for the Resistance”

  • Chris Pierce: “American Silence”

  • Janelle Monae: “Turntables”

  • Arlissa: “The House We Live In”

READ “Relationship, Skill, and Structure” from Healing Resistance: A Radically Different Response to Harm by Kazu Haga

CHOOSE two ways to Act with Intention right now and choose two ways how our group might take action by reviewing these resources

QUERIES for reflection

  • How do you see yourself being the medicine that helps to heal the trauma of white supremacy?

  • Dr. Kemp uses art to help us experience “Oneness despite the systemic oppression that separates and dehumanizes us.” How have you experienced this sense of Oneness?

  • Do you see conflict as “the spirit of the relationship asking itself to deepen” in a community setting?

  • As we strive to cultivate the capacity to create an antiracist community, can we see how relationship, skill and structure all work together to strengthen that capacity?

  • As you reflect on the two ways to take action now, are these sustainable actions you can take once a month? Once a week?

  • What level of commitment are you willing to offer to make ours a more antiracist community?


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